Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot Integrating Messenger on your website strategy allows customers to communicate with your business on their terms. Messenger provides an in-store experience of speaking to a salesperson with the convenience of shopping online. Building an experience with a customer on Messenger can help get your business, product or service in front of more people. Whether you are launching a new product or wanting to announce a Sale, conversations create meaningful connections with your business.

JTZ Website Design offers three different versions of Facebook Messenger Bot. Our "Light" version, allows a customer to send a message directly to you or your staff when a customer chooses to contact through messenger.

Our "Medium" version allows customers to converse with you using Messenger however; it also stores all of those conversations in your admin area for up to a year. This allows you the opportunity to follow up on any lead, example; you come across an item they were once looking for, you may contact the customer that you now have it in stock.

Our "Heavy" version does everything the other two above have and more. It provides customized automated responses to your customer until you are able to engage. It can't seal the deal with a customer, but it can answer any of their questions while you or your staff is busy and can't respond right away. Once you're ready to take over the conversation just start replying and the auto replies stop.

All three Messenger versions are sure to make your job easier!

Which version best suits you?

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